Non-game projects I've worked on and that sort of stuff. (2015)
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Android Games
Here's a list of the games - and game-like experiments - I've made for the Android platform over the years.
Aidinia - An Epic Adventure! (2013)
My first Android RPG experiment. An pixel-filled 8-bit wannabe RPG, with chiptune soundtrack and everything!
Eternal Lux (2014) - Android
A SRPG designed to look like a game from the 80's, with 16-color graphics and an awesome MIDI soundtrack!
Go! Go! Scarfcat! (2014)
An addictive - and somewhat hard- infinite runner about a jumping cat with a scarf!
Castles on Fire (2014)
A very simple game I made in a day. Protect the castles from being destroyed by tapping the falling fireballs!
Grabbin' Gabbys (2014)
A game about dragging colourfully cute creatures around. Made with some friends for the Polar Wolf Games initiative.
Fortress (2014)
A ball of glitches and bad programming memories, but a very fun game to play on the bus. Made for the Polar Wolf Games initiative, fuelled by friends and rum.
My name is Martín del Río - although I'm pretty sure you've realised that already -, I was born on September 23, 1995, and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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